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Quick Announcement: I will be out of town from April 12-26. Unfortunately I will not be able to take any orders during that time, and will not have access to my email.  When I return I will reply back to all email inquiries.

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12:30am just finished making a new card - Belated Happy Birthday Cookie Card! I know that I usually make my cards using construction but what do you think - do you like it better if I draw my cards?
#cookie #birthday #belated #happybirthday #greetingcard #papercrafts

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"Work In Progress" - Prom Invitations (Tickets)

Okay here is the second part of The Great Gatsby High School Prom Order! I’m almost done, just have to finish up printing and cutting these prom invitation tickets.

Because this is a private event I had to blank out the address…so no, on the original there is an address on it - just on this posting I had to remove it.

I will be sure to post in my next posting the complete set so you can see the whole thing:

- Menus

- Invitation Tickets

- Envleopes with Gold Stickers (The Great Gatsby Symbol Printed On Them)

- Giveaway Stickers

- Posters

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"Work In Progress" - Prom Menus

Been working on these for the last few weeks.  It’s the dining menu for a high school prom coming soon!  The menus are printed on Gold Metallic Cardstock with black and a tinted green ink.  Almost done, just a few more to go…

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A sneak peek of my Filipino Wedding Invitations.

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Ornament Christmas Card

My second Christmas Card of the year! I have always wanted to make an ornament card but never figured out how to do it until I was recently inspired to make this.  I glued on the card gems and a bow on top to finish it off.

Now available in my Etsy Shop at www.etsy.com/shop/handcraftedcard

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Peace on Earth

My newest Christmas Card of the year! I would have to say this is also my 2nd Christian Christmas Card, with the dove of peace.  The background of the card is completely red and everything else are white cut outs.

Now available in my Etsy Shop at www.etsy.com/shop/handcraftedcard

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Another 50th Birthday Invitation

Recently I have introduced a new product line to my cards and I just received another order =)

So this invitation is for the mother of Joana, who is turning 50 pretty soon.  The theme of this card is to look classy with the mother’s main favourite colour navy blue.  This is a square card and I had matching navy blue envelopes to go with it but I forgot to take the picture.

**Information was blurred out for privacy reasons.

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Wedding Invitations: Magenta Pink

Just finished making these invitations recently for my 2nd Cousin’s up coming wedding in the Philippines.  I don’t remember if I told you guys but I am half Filipino (on my mom’s side), obviously my other half is Italian, you can tell by the way I look and my last name Di Falco (very Italian).

Newho, these invitations are two pages, attached together at the top and opens like a flap from the bottom up.  So what I did was I indented the top part of the first page so that it opens and glued the two together.  The bow in front is also glued, with a matching envelope.  The little card on the top left side is the name placement card and there’s a message and the back that says “thank you..bla bla bla”.

Hope you like them =) I did the whole thing from cutting the paper, printing, and assembling.

**Information was blurred out for privacy reasons.

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Finishing up another package of wedding invitations that I will be delivering tomorrow too :) #handmade #invitation #wedding #weddinginvitation

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Hello, my name is Jacky.
I make handmade greeting cards
designed from my own imagination
and pieced together using
construction paper.

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